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A.L.M.A. and its history! The Association A.L.M.A. was founded in Rome in 1956 by Cardinal FRANCESCO SAVERIO ROBERTI, a native of the Region Marche. He was born in Pergola, a small town located in the northern province of Pesaro, on July 7th 1889. Since the moment he was first transferred to Rome he realized the difficult conditions the other Marchigiani were living in and he felt the need for an association that would be capable of helping them spiritually and physically. But it was only in 1956 that he finally succeeded in forming the Associazione Lauretana tra i Marchigiani residing in Rome. It was named after the Virgin of Loreto, protector of the Region Marche and all the Marchigiani.

A.L M A. in Canada was founded in November 1976 and on April 22nd 1998 A.L.M.A. was recognized as an official member of the "Albo Regionale" by the Marche Region and it became:

L'Associazione Regionale dei Marchigiani A.L.M.A. CANADA INC.

In 2001 A.L.M.A. CANADA has as members over 500 families that include children, teenagers, young people, adults and seniors.

The Board of Directors is formed by 11 members and they are in charge for two years. Elections take place every two years and all decisions taken by the Board are made by majority of the votes. Members can present themselves as candidates for as many times as they wish and can be re-elected just as many times. The first president, Giulio Polidori, who was in charge only for one year, was followed by Domenico D'Alesio (one term), Avv. Francesco Ciampini (three terms), Cav. Maria De Grandis Marrelli (four terms) e Camillo D'Alesio (seven terms: 1996-2007).

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